Discover our virtual workshop: ROEM+ in 20 minutes

November 6, 2015 – In this virtual workshop, which is accesible by the Internet, we make an introduction to the eutrophication concept, the causes and the elements which favour it, the consequences and the global significance of this problem.

The more common actions and management measures are treated in the workshop, both about the entrance of nutrients to the water mass (restriction of phosphated detergents, control of uses of land or physicochemical treatment of waste water) and inside the water body (dredging, airing, hydraulic management, ultrasounds, algicides, floating wetlands, etc.).

Finally, new alternatives included in ROEM+’s project are exposed, tackling the problems since the Preventative Action (early detection according to the different hydroclimate and socioeconomic scenes and early detection which allow a reliable estimation of the corrective measures in order to optimize the cost).

Improving water bodies management through the intensive knowledge, taking  advantage of new technological opportunities is ROEM+´s aim