Full capacity in the workshop for target users holded in Vinuesa

May 15, 2015 -. Thirty professionals, such us technicians of hydrographic confederations of Duero, Ebro, Jucar and Cantábrico, and other technicians of Castilla y León’s Health Ministry attended the workshop organized by the project LIFE ROEM+ in the Vinuesa Local Government yesterday.


Technicians of Castilla y León’s Health Ministry, researchers of Seville’s University and CSIC, engineering firms, consultancy firm, laboratories and others enterprises linked to environmental sector and water management cycle went to this locality, located 35 kilometers away from Soria, to attend the presentation of technology developed to carry out the ‘Advanced Management of Water Pollution in Reservoirs, Rivers and Lakes’.

The choice of this place, near Soria, has not been made by chance. It is located along Cuerda del Pozo reservoir, epicentre of environmental european project, encouraged by the ITG technological centre and Cantabrian enterprise Ecohydros in order to develop innovative solutions that allow to predict eutrophication cases and also the simulation and creation of predictive models in the short and in the long run.

The introduction of remote infrastructure in the reservoir, the remote measurement with the information system developed and the GIS-WEB software, the direct sampling carried out, the devices calibration and predictive models and the monitoring of cyanobateria evolution in the reservoir were some of the matters which were dealt with in the workshop.

Finally, the results of surveys citizenship in last months and the impact of dissemination actions were also analyzed.

A precedent in Pontevedra

This training workshop is the next step to the one celebrated last year in the administrative building’s meeting room of Pontevedra´s Council, which was full with more than 60 people.

Opened by the deputy Ana Isabel Vázquez, the workshop started with the talk of the coordinator of Alberto Gayoso, the Environmental Inspection Network in Galicia (ROAGA) of the Galician Environment . Know more